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The Governale Group is a business solutions company specializing in marketing, media and communications in all media platforms. In today’s world, there are thousands of media outlets with millions of impressions, so managing your brand’s identity — and the public perception of that identity — is critical.

Why? Because brand judgments are made instantly, which means there is one chance to create an impactful and emotional connection with your audience. It is crucial to position your brand proactively, before the market defines it for you. While brands are not directly on the balance sheet, The Governale Group’s philosophy is that they are the most valuable assets that companies own and shape.



Entertainment, Sports, Hospitality, Real Estate & Resort Industries

Serving the entertainment, sports, hospitality, real estate and resort industries, The Governale Group offers services ranging from complete marketing plans and implementation to targeted consultations customized to your needs. The Governale Group is distinguished by deep industry experience and strong relationships. We are steeped in strategic ideation, content creation, public and press relations, brand management and handling high-profile clients. We deliver solutions that generate awareness, value, brand equity and client loyalty.



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